Think about the TRADES ... Pays good and NEEDED!!!

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By PathwaysToJobs


Why take four years of post-secondary education if it's not your passion? That's the question many young individuals are asking themselves as they witness the unprecedented demand and financial rewards in the trades. The older generation, having lived through challenging times, often harbored dreams of their children becoming executives, believing that white-collar jobs offered a more comfortable and secure future. Consequently, they steered their offspring towards colleges and universities, inadvertently neglecting the potential and fulfillment that could be found in skilled trades careers.


The unintended consequence of this shift in aspirations is evident today. With the retiring workforce leaving gaping holes in the trades sector, the demand for electricians, welders, carpenters, and plumbers has skyrocketed. Employers are willing to pay top dollar for these skilled professionals, and rightfully so, given the indispensable nature of their work. The result is an opportunity for the younger generation to seize lucrative careers that don't require a four-year degree, and where they can put their love for the outdoors and hands-on work to good use.


But there's more good news: financial barriers are not as daunting as they may seem. Many governments and organizations offer grants and apprenticeship programs that can significantly offset the costs of trade school. In some cases, you can even earn while you learn, receiving a wage while gaining valuable on-the-job experience. This means you can embark on a fulfilling and well-paying career in the trades without accumulating a mountain of student debt.


So, why not consider a career in the trades? It's a path that offers financial stability, personal satisfaction, and the chance to shape your future with your own two hands. The older generation's dream of a better life for their children may not have panned out as expected, but it's never too late to embrace the opportunities that the trades have to offer. It's time to bridge the generational gap and rediscover the value and rewards of working in these essential industries.


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