Ladies in the World of STEM

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By Phae Eckhart

It is proven that girls in elementary school tend to grade higher in math and science than boys. Interestingly enough, very few females choose to move on to post secondary to pursue a career in these fields. Many career paths require a solid understand of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The idea behind STEM was to create a cohesive learning system to promote critical thinking skills that are needed in the current high tech workforce. It doesn’t hurt that it encourages fun and fosters confidence as well! But a lack of women in these fields is a significant contributor to the gender wage gap, and creates a shortage of female role models for future young ladies. Experts have indicated a shortage of skills in a few key industries that could have long term impact on the Canadian economy. One of the largest areas of concern is the environmental field, specifically resource conservation and sustainability. This field is expected to have one of the highest growth rates over the next few years, and requires a specific skill set. Students interested in pursuing this are of study should look for programs that includes co op or internship opportunities to gain hands on experience to complement their studies.

The good news is that this means those who choose to pursue an education in STEM learning have plenty of opportunities. And if you happen to be female, an added bonus is the impact on breaking down gender barriers.