Marketing is Like An Iceberg

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By Crystal Welsh

Marketing is like an iceberg; officially defined as "the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising." But that is just the outer tip of the berg. When looking into the depths of marketing, and not just the definition, we find that it's so much more than just persuading people to buy a product.

You see, marketing is a pathway of communication from a company to the buyer, be it via commercials, printed ads, radio ads, etc. This form of communication can be extremely powerful -- not just for advertising, but for having a major voice in political and social issues. The usage of social media has profoundly augmented this vocal platform for companies to make their opinions on political, educational, and social matters heard, which also conveys to their customer that they are aware of what's going on around them and not just selling product (albeit that's still the main goal).

Let's take a look at Skittles -- yep, Skittles! These guys have their marketing skills en pointe. Skittles has shown their support for the Pride community by banishing their rainbow colours for the month of June in support of the Pride community. This was conveyed via TV commercials and candy packaging, and was a brilliant form of molding their marketing to a unique demographic and showing their stance when it comes to LGBT+ issues. This A) creates a supportive environment for their customers which in turn creates more sales and B) shows that they are in fact an inclusive company which is a major factor in today's society.

This is just one example of the brilliance and power of marketing.