Should I Go Into the Arts?

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By Charlie Ricottone

There has never been more opportunity for a successful career in the Arts than there is today. However, there are a few important points to consider if you truly want a to pursue this type of work.



Market Saturation

With today’s ever increasing market for the arts, specialized schools have popped up everywhere and are filling up almost overnight. This is leading to an over-saturation of artists in all fields. Competition is everywhere, but the good news is that there are some ways to stand out among the crowd.



Expanding your network is always important. This can be done through school, trade shows, and relevant events. Don’t ever miss an opportunity to network, because you never know who that person is that’s standing next to you.


Understand the Industry and Implement Today’s Necessary Skills

Whether you’re a fashion designer, painter, or videographer, understand the current landscape of the industry that you want to break into. If it has gone to mainly digital media, learn the platforms and how to be effective in each.


Be the Best

If you truly want to win the game, find what you are amazing at and then get better. Take an extra class, do extra research on your own (much of the info is online for free), and most importantly - work.


Hard Work

This is by far the most important aspect. You will get nowhere without a lot of hard work. Hustle, grind, and do whatever it takes to be successful.