Hannah’s Community Foster Care Forward Scholarship

Hannah’s Community Foster Care Forward Scholarship

Scholarship Description

The foster care system is a valuable resource to the community that provides open arms to our youth in need, but for many children it also means a life of unique obstacles. Growing up in the foster care system can be challenging and many of these kids would greatly benefit from a financial boost to achieve their goals. The Hannah’s Community Foster Care Forward Scholarship is designed to help even the playing field for foster kids moving into the workforce and send one determined individual into the healthcare field. All contributions will support a foster kid's future endeavors, save lives, and create a better tomorrow for everyone.

Additional Information

  • Amount: $500.00
  • Application Deadline: 01 April 2022
  • Level Of Study:
  • Automatic Consideration: NO
  • Renewable:
    • N/A

Field of Study

  • Health Sciences

Minimum Requirement

To apply for the scholarship, you must be 17-25 and have aged out (or will eventually age out) of the foster care system. You must also be planning to pursue a certification in the healthcare field. Examples of eligible fields of study include: CNA, EMT, RBT, EKG Technician, Phlebotomy Technician, Office Administration, and more.

To apply, tell us about your experience in the foster care system and how it influenced you. Then, discuss the medical certification you plan to pursue and what inspired you to choose it.

Eligibility Requirements:

Field of Study: Health Care Field

:Background: Aged out of foster care system

Age: 17-25 years old

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